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If you are one of the companies or entrepreneurs, who see how the points of value generation in the “retail” channel have been affected, who feel the change that has occurred in the way in which consumers perceive the benefits of online commerce, the entry of new types of competitors and who understand the need to adapt their business, to be more competitive, to take advantage of new opportunities, in short, to be better, you can count on us.
Disclosure is a modular, scalable and adaptable system for small and medium-sized companies that want to build or optimize their processes, equipment, and structures aimed at E-Commerce and the way to communicate with their clients, suppliers, and stakeholders in general.

Yes, we can help

We can cover the process in a staggered way, which, as it is personalized, will be adapted to your needs at all times, thus optimizing the cost/result.

We can work with different platforms in the technology area, using the most productive one in each case.


Supply Chain Optimization and Compliance.

With rising customer expectations, companies have begun to embrace and integrate new technologies to transform their supply chain from a hub of operations to the epicenter of business innovation, achieving the right product at the right time and place.

Communication, recognition and interaction.

Proper brand development, as well as effective communication, affect the way your customers perceive your benefit.

A “seamless” experience between your physical site and Online

With the right eCommerce, POS, BOPIS (Buy Online / Pickup in Store) solutions and integrations, retailers can deliver seamless communication with customers that drives them to buy more, more often.

Data and Analytics.actions based

Data analysis and management. Knowing the behavior and habits of the client is a priority for decision-making. Customer Service (CDM), Customer Data Platforms, AI (Artificial Intelligence), VoC (Voice of Customer Software)

Formation and preparation of the team for the change.

The work team must be formed and prepared to take full advantage of the new tools and the concepts that allow generating value.

And of course: Technology.

Web design tools, applications, and integrations with CRM, ERP, etc. that automate your processes, optimize the decision-making process of your clients and allow you to have everything "under control"

supporting disclosure....

We design and develop complete E-Commerce projects and sites with special requirements, advanced web design, development, application development, integrations with external programs.

We design and manage web and social media advertising campaigns. Integrate data analysis tools, developing a traffic control panel for each project with the most relevant KPIs.

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We help brands to enhance their digital presence, generate new customers, sales or interactions on social networks. We create a strategy based on generating connections with your consumers.
We combine creativity with tools that allow us to achieve the objectives set.

We work in synergy with market trends and the needs of our partners, in order to bring your business to an optimal level of communication and digital positioning.

In the digital economy environment, doing something different to be relevant and not disappear is the focus of business action. We assist in the digital transformation of companies from their restructuring with the personalized strategy they must adopt to face change, correcting weaknesses, facing threats, maintaining strengths and exploring business opportunities. Until the formulation and adaptation of its processes to be profitable, efficient while achieving closeness with customers, the promise of delivery is fulfilled, in an online purchasing process with organic growth.

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